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1 B. Manoj Kumar & 2 S. Mukunthan
Assistant Professor/ ECE
Karpagam Institute of Technology

Abstract— Landslide causes significant damages to civil infrastructure. This paper provides an autonomous landslide monitoring system based
on wireless sensor networks. It gives us the accurate location of the landslide, the temperature of the soil and humidity. If movements are
observed the collected data sets re automatically transmitted t a connected server system for further diagnoses . The System consists of a set of
autonomous sensor devices equipped with a special manner used for monitoring landslides. The devices take measurements through the sensors
at frequent time intervals while operating at a very low duty cycle and transfer them over the SigFox network to a data server operated by ELK
stack for circulation and visualization.
Keywords – UNO board; GSM/GPS; Vibration Sensor; Humidity Sensor and Soil Moisture Sensor.

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