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1 N. Ragupathi & 2 S. Mukunthan
1,2 Assistant Professor / ECE
Karpagam Institute of Technology

This paper mentions the study in the topic of safety in the car industry. Since head light is the most vital in night
trains, but up as high as required, head light intensity should be taken by vehicle, which is not accessible in cars as
sunlight. In this work, Arduino, sensors, LEDs and other accessories are used to produce the prototype headlight system. A multi-function headlights prototype enables, turns off the headlight in bad weather situations and allows automatic headlight conversion from low to high intensity beams. This model also eliminates the driver’s manual switch necessity because automated switching takes occur. This type combined three separate characteristics of the headlight system. These include automatic start of headlight at night, automated light intensity adjustment for the opposite beam and automatic switch ON when the weather is damp. In the automotive industry, which offers driver
driving safety, this approach is particularly important. The work suggested comprises the automated image analysis
indicator on and off.
Keywords—Arduino, LED, Sensors, Image processing, Indicator.


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