A Trust-Based Cross-Layer Security Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

ABSTRACT – This IoT Based medicine reminder pill box system is designed to help patients and pharmacists manage their medication more effectively. The medicine gets over the notification sends to pharmacist using IoT module and they take action to deliver the medicine. It features automatic reminders to take medicine on time, tracking of medicine dosages, and a secure connection between the patient and the pharmacist. The system also allows pharmacists to monitor and adjust the patient’s medication, providing real-time updates on medication status. The system is designed to reduce medication errors and increase health outcomes. The traditional ways require human efforts to remind them to take medicines on time. The digital era doesn’t follow that and we can use machines to do that. The proposed application of IoT based Medicine Reminder System is very unique and can be used by patients at home, doctors at hospitals, and at many other places.

Key Words: IoT, Medicine Remainder, IR sensor, Health care, Pill box system.


The Oppressive nature in J.M Coetzee Waiting for the Barbarians

Nithya M , Ph.D  Research scholar in English (part time), 

Karuppannan Mariappan College , Muthur

  Dr E. Kumar MA, Ph.D Research Supervisor,

 Assistant professor & Head , 

Department of English , 

Shree Venkateshwara Arts and Science (Co-Education) College, Gobichettipalayam,Erode.


This article aims to analyze the theme of oppression in J.M. Coetzee’s novel Waiting for the Barbarians, which depicts the atrocities committed by an unnamed Empire against the native people living at the border of its territory. The article argues that Coetzee’s novel is not only a critique of the colonial and apartheid regimes in South Africa, but also a reflection on the global historical process of neoliberalism, which is an extension of colonialism. The article examines how Coetzee uses various literary devices, such as symbolism, allegory, and characterization, to expose the colonial discourse, the contradiction inherent in the discourse of Empire, and the failure of a liberal humanist to resist or challenge the neoliberal tide. The article also explores how Coetzee portrays the effects of oppression on the human psyche and identity, as well as on the possibility of ethical and political action. The article concludes that Coetzee’s novel is a powerful and relevant work of world literature that invites readers to question their own complicity in the oppressive systems that shape our world.


J.M Coetzee, Waiting, Oppressive Nature, Fiction, Culture

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1 N. Ragupathi & 2 S. Mukunthan
1,2 Assistant Professor / ECE
Karpagam Institute of Technology

This paper mentions the study in the topic of safety in the car industry. Since head light is the most vital in night
trains, but up as high as required, head light intensity should be taken by vehicle, which is not accessible in cars as
sunlight. In this work, Arduino, sensors, LEDs and other accessories are used to produce the prototype headlight system. A multi-function headlights prototype enables, turns off the headlight in bad weather situations and allows automatic headlight conversion from low to high intensity beams. This model also eliminates the driver’s manual switch necessity because automated switching takes occur. This type combined three separate characteristics of the headlight system. These include automatic start of headlight at night, automated light intensity adjustment for the opposite beam and automatic switch ON when the weather is damp. In the automotive industry, which offers driver
driving safety, this approach is particularly important. The work suggested comprises the automated image analysis
indicator on and off.
Keywords—Arduino, LED, Sensors, Image processing, Indicator.



1 R. Kiruthikaa & 2 N. Ragupathi
Assistant Professor /ECE
Karpagam Institute of Technology

Abstract— This paper aim is to design a non-invasive instrument to estimate the human blood sugar level within the body. In this article, the
blood sugar level is obtained by the estimation of acetone resolvent present in the exhaled air of the person. The sensor device is used to convert
the acetone resolvent level into voltage. Typically, the blood samples are taken by pricking the finger of the patient which is sort of painful. To
avoid such diagnosing, we tend to project a replacement system which is painless for the patient and it is price effective.
Keywords – Blood glucose, Acetone, Exhaled Breath, Sensor, painful diagnosis, non-invasive.

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1 B. Manoj Kumar & 2 S. Mukunthan
Assistant Professor/ ECE
Karpagam Institute of Technology

Abstract— Landslide causes significant damages to civil infrastructure. This paper provides an autonomous landslide monitoring system based
on wireless sensor networks. It gives us the accurate location of the landslide, the temperature of the soil and humidity. If movements are
observed the collected data sets re automatically transmitted t a connected server system for further diagnoses . The System consists of a set of
autonomous sensor devices equipped with a special manner used for monitoring landslides. The devices take measurements through the sensors
at frequent time intervals while operating at a very low duty cycle and transfer them over the SigFox network to a data server operated by ELK
stack for circulation and visualization.
Keywords – UNO board; GSM/GPS; Vibration Sensor; Humidity Sensor and Soil Moisture Sensor.

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1B. Manoj Kumar & 2N. Ragupathi

Assistant Professor/ ECE

Karpagam Institute of Technology

Abstract The crash when a motorcyclist face during a high speed accident without wearing a helmet is extremely deadly. Wearing a helmet can lower shock from the impact and can save a life. There are a number of countries enforcing a regulation that needs the motorcycle rider to wear a helmet when riding on their motorcycle and so the motorcycle engine will start. Arduino Uno may be a microcontroller to regulate the whole component within. 

Keywords – Arduino Uno, RFID Tag, Alcohol Sensor, Arduino IDE, Motor Drive.

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1R. Kiruthikaa & 2N. Sathiyapriya

1,2Assistant Professor / ECE

Karpagam Institute of Technology

Abstract— In this paper used to improve detection precisions, we propose three post-processing techniques to supplement the baseline faster  R-CNN according to certain prior domain knowledge. Filtering algorithm is constructed to delete overlapping boxes detected by faster R-CNN associated with the same tooth.In this paper already defined for labels in teeth image. The module based on a teeth is proposed to matching for training image and Testing images of detected teeth boxes to modify detected results that violate certain intuitive rules.In this proposed system for Deep learning method in convolution Neural Network (CNN) the Tensor Flow tool package to detect and number teeth in dental periapical films.The work burden of a dentist and the occurrences of misdiagnosis may be reduced if intelligent dental Xray film interpretation tools are developed to improve the quality of dental care. From this perspective , automatic teeth identification using digitized films is an important task for smart healthcare.To achieve high-accuracy segmentation and classification in dental Image  to developed image-processing algorithms.

Keywords – R-CNN, Deep learning, Tensor Flow.

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